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Versus is a channel on Youtube, shared by AttackingTucans (Tyler), and JoshJepson (Josh). On Feb 2, 2013, it was announced on both their channels that a new versus, Super Mario 64 Versus, would be happening on this channel. With Tyler and Josh being the creators of versus, this channel became very popular very quickly.

The famous versus logo, as well as the channel's icon

Super Mario 64 Versus - Episode 130:50

Super Mario 64 Versus - Episode 1

The first episode of Super Mario 64 Versus; the first versus to run on this channel


With the exception of two versus, this channel has every versus the two of them did together. Super Mario Sunshine Versus (the first versus they did together) was uploaded to Tyler's channel, and Luigi's Mansion Versus (the second versus they did together) was uploaded to Josh's channel. They have so far done 14 versus. The 6th versus, Mega Man 1 Versus, featured Tyler racing NintendoCapriSun (Tim), instead of Josh, the first versus on this channel for that to be the case.

Super Mario 64 Versus [Finished]

Ocarina of Time Versus [Finished]

Banjo Kazooie Versus [Finished]

Smash Bros Melee Versus [Finished]

Super Luigi U Versus {Blind} [Finished]

Mega Man 1 Versus [Finished]

A Link to the Past Versus [Finished]

Minecraft Invasion Versus [Finished]

Super Mario Sunshine Versus 2 [Finished]

Limbo Versus [Finished]

Portal Versus [Finished]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Versus [Finished]

Wind Waker Versus [Finished]

Super Mario Maker Versus [Currently Playing]

Community VersusEdit

"Community Versus" is a weekly "show" on the channel where Tyler and Josh challenge you to complete a task in a video game (usually the challenge is to do it as fast as possible). In the fifth episode of Community Versus, Donnabellez was featured as a special guest.


Moose is a different type of versus where Tyler and Josh choose particular levels in a game and race through each level individually. The person who fails to complete the level first, gets a letter. Whoever gets all 5 letters first loses and becomes a moose.

StephenPlays was the first (and so far only) other Let's Player to be in a MOOSE episode. He and Josh did a Donkey Kong Country MOOSE.

Battle BingoEdit

Battle bingo is another different type of versus where they do particular levels in a game in attempt to make a line across their card to attain a bingo. Whoever does first wins.

Versus AnimatedEdit

This series is made of fan-made animation videos of funny and/or unforgettable moments during versuses.

Loser Challenges Edit

The Loser Challenges are brought upon whoever loses a Versus, and may result in drinking disgusting things, doing funny things in public, getting waxed, etc.

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