theweirdomaxim is a Nepali Let's Player and musician who uploaded Episode 1 of his first completed Let's

Current Avatar for his Channel

Play on 13 August 2012. He currently has 105 subscribers. He manages a collaborative LP channel, ConversingPersons, consisting of himself, SomethingFawful, TaleOfTheToaster, BradTheMad45, AgentFire000, and wvgAm3CrAzY. He uses a Hauppague HD PVR Gaming Edition 1 to record his console Let's Plays, and Dxtory or Camtasia 8 to record PC Let's Plays. He edits using Magix Movie Maker MX Premium (Version 18) or/and using Sony Vegas Pro 12.

Completed Let's PlaysEdit

Current Let's PlaysEdit

Musical AlbumsEdit

Other ProjectsEdit


  • Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit... Sink in the hole.
  • Pineapple!


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