Australian Let's Player noted for her multicolored hair. Specializes in playing games intended for young children.

Currently has 3,240 subscribers.

Let's Plays Edit

*Leisure Suit Larry (VGA remake)

*Al-Qadim's The Genie's Curse

*Dead Rising 2

*Entomorph: Plague of Darkfall


*Wii Music- in honor of her 1,000th subscriber


*Dare to Dream

*Zork series

*Jeopardy!: Junior Edition

*Victor Vector and Yondo the Dog

*Road Rash

*Leisure Suit Larry V


*Gabriel Knight trilogy

*Eagle Eye Mysteries- was once planning a Let's Play of Eagle Eye London, but that LP is on indefinite hold

*Heavy Rain

*Mario is Missing

*King's Quest VII

*Mixed Up Fairy Tales

*Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

*The Longest Journey

*Paintbox Pals

*Escape from Horrorland

*Phantasmagoria- with hercrabbiness

*Spelling Blizzard

*Word Games at Camelot

*The Scroll/Daughter of the Serpent


*Pepper's Adventures in Time

*King's Quest III- with DarthHelmet86

*EcoQuest II- a "let's ruin"

*Valerie Porter

*Dying for Daylight

*Ultima VII: Serpent Isle

*The Women Murder Club Games

*Return of the Phantom

*Games as Art- with Embottica

*Gemini Rue

*Gray Matter

*Laura Bow I- a "let's ruin"



*Murdered: Soul Suspect- live streamed

*The Blackwell Series

*Blue Heat: The Cover Girl Murders

*Piper- with Richard Cobbett

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