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Personal LifeEdit

MunchingOrange  is a Let's Player who is mostly known for his Pokemon Lets Plays and Minecraft:Survival Mode Playthroughts.He is one of the rare Lets Players that started out as a Child and became Popular while growing up.His Origin is From Puerto Rico and he is a part of a group called "The Crew",consisting of a few other Lets Playing personell like PurpleRodri and PokeCinema.

Current SeriesEdit

Pokemon: Emrald Nuzlocke[A Pokemon let's play where his Pokemon becomes unuseable after fainting]

A series in which which is uploaded daily on his channel {Munchingorange.} And another lets play is POkemon Zeta an Omnicorn in which the main part is competed and the Season 2 is going on HE does't uploads these videos daily but often.

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