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What is a Let's Play?

A Let's Play is a series of videos in which the author records the complete gameplay of a video game, while providing commentary in the form of an informal and ideally entertaining chat with the intended audience. The goal is to provide the easiest gameplay experience, so that the viewer doesn't need to own the game itself, any hardware (or emulator), or even go through the effort of actually playing; while also giving the chance for the author to enhance further the experience by providing expert insight about the game's knowledge, secrets, production, franchise, backstory, etc. or just otherwise by making jokes or witty commentaries.

Despite all the hard work of researching, planning, executing and otherwise producing a "Let's play" worthy of being watched, most games considered to be classics have multiple "Let's play" easily accessible on streaming video sites such as YouTube.

As this wiki is still in a very early stage I propose for the time being we try to make a Let's Play compilation here in the main page - this way we can get a comprehensive view of the content we will need to organize, more easily manipulatable. When it grows too big for a single page we can create a proper structure and article pages.
Please include only complete Let's Play, never works in progress.
Extra note from the author LP; wikipage The Bastard himself: 
It has come in to my attention that there has been some e-bullying in this wiki and such actions 
are not tolerable by any means. 'If you have something with in your teeth against some member  
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Featured video...
F-Zero X - VersusBigKnickers10:49

F-Zero X - VersusBigKnickers

Haddowinc and VicStar of Gaming Big Knickers compete at F-Zero X.

Let's Play...

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

vipergaming23 is doing a 100% lets play of Spyro 2: Ripto's rage

Max Payne series

The classic cult third person shooter is praised for its unique Film Noir style and exciting gunplay. This author has started his journey into the first of the series, and will continue onto Max Payne 2, and finally, Max Payne 3 when it releases on May 15th 2012.

Author: DerpPlaysVidya Link: [1]


Minecraft is probably the most well-known sandbox game, and this Let's Play has attracted several million views. As it is an open-ended game, it's hard to determine if this Let's Play is complete, but the author has officially closed the first season with almost 50 videos. The most popular Let's Play of Minecraft is currently in Germany. His Nickname is [[2]]. It's the current most successfully Let's Play in Germany with more than 700 Episodes. He is uploading every day the next episode with 200.000 viewers in 3 days.

Author: X Link: YouTube

Borderlands (and other games)

A 'co-commentary' humorous Let's Play's that mix both video game reviews, video Game play footage, and on the spot 'stand-up comedy style' witty dialog between the two hosts. Borderlands is where the 'Let's Play' channel began, but they have since branched out into various games to appeal to a large audience.

Author: Fetch Quests Link: YouTube

Expedition Minecraft (and other games)

A witty yet informative play-through of the Minecraft survival mode (and other modes/games), with over 100 videos dedicated to the viewers for their enjoyment. This author also provides many spin-offs from his Expedition Minecraft series, and also play-throughs of many other games like Quake Live and DC Universe Online.

Author: Spelunkstar Link: YouTube

Pikmin Strategy game focusing on planet exploration while controlling a crowd of creatures.

Author: chuggaaconroy Link: YouTube

Myst series


Free-roaming, real-time 3D remake of the first game in the Myst series.

Author: shadyparadox Link: YouTube

Riven: The sequel to Myst

Second game in the Myst series.

Author: The Guild of Let's Players Link: YouTube

Myst III: Exile

Third game in the Myst series.

Author: shadyparadox Link: YouTube

Uru: complete chronicles

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is the fourth game in the Myst series. This contains also the To D'ni and Path of the Shell expansions.

Author: The Guild of Let's Players Link: YouTube

Whether you are a beginner at Let's Plays, a pro, or you just enjoy watching them, Go check out the Semi-New Let's Playing Community and join today!

Let's Play Types

The practically newborn Let's Play community is constantly coming up with new ways and variations on how to do their videos. Here we try to categorize and explain different modes of LP-recording. Ideally (and in most cases) LPs that use any of the variations below state so by using the respective words in it's videos' titles.

  • Blind: A blind LP is one in which the author is playing the game for the first time as he records the videos. This has the advantage of capturing more spontaneous reactions (say, in a horror game where the player doesn't know what to expect) at the cost of the author making more mistakes, getting stuck at certain points, etc. Non-blind LPs usually are richer in information, as the authors usually have more knowledge about the game itself, while doing any kind of pre-recording research would defeat the purpose of doing a blind LP. This type of LP is also easier to record as there is no preparation or planning involved save configuring and testing the recording software.
  • Let's play together: This is when there are two or more players and/or commentators recording the LP - who could be playing a multiplayer game or simply recording a single-player game together in order to add more entertainment value through dialogue, also possibly having more game-related knowledge as opposed to that of a single person in a solo LP.
  • Let's quickly play: While normal LPs try to be comprehensive, if not perfect, runs, a quick LP aims at finishing the game in a decreased amount of time, at the cost of missing parts of the game and/or less in-depth analysis and study of it. While this might seen easier on the author, it may require as much or more preparation than a normal LP in order to find the shortest path to beat the game. This type of LP is preferred by viewers who don't have as much time (or patience) to watch normal LPs, which can be as long as 40 hours of video. This can be seen as speedruns accompanied by commentary.
  • Versus: A type of Let's play in which two commentators come together to play a game to a race to the finish. Each pair of commentators LP the game as if it is a speed run for 100%. The videos are usually set up and edited so that there are two screens in the video that show each players progress, a HUD that shows each commentator's progress, and are usually around 30 minutes long.

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