Let's Play WE! fourio is Slovak let's player group. Let's Play WE! fourio is also called in shorter form - LpW-Fourio contains Nico, Mascow, Larissa and Tuki. LpW-Fourio is mainly playng MineCraft. They have got their own website and youtube channel.

History Edit

2009: Let's Play WE'r duo Edit

Let's Play WE'r Duo, was forst form of today's Let's Play WE! Fourio. In 2009, Nico wanted to make youtube channel with cool let's plays with Mascow. Mainly Nico played MineCraft with lots of builds. Nico was 7, Mascow was 6. Nico build majestic builds like HUUUGE castles, zoos, and more. But these builds are lost forever.

2011: Let's Play WE! trio Edit

Nico mentioned mistake in WE'r, but he still liked it, so he left WE with exclamation mark. Nico also accepted his sister, Larissa. They played lot of Wizard101. But this time, no MineCraft, because of accident, that happend to Nico. He forgot to switch gamemode from Survival to Creative, zombie once hurt him and he quited game, and started it only in 30.12.2013. In that moment, he was playng with Larissa, and she played MineCraft only when was forming of LpW-Fourio - in 18.september 2014.

2014: Today's - Let's Play WE! Fourio Edit

Final version - Let's play WE! fourio! Mostly recording in SK, but still - a bit in ENG. Nico accepted his Cousin - Tuki. Mostly playng MineCraft, but Nico have got some issues with Minecraft Forge. He never plays in Vanilla!

Let's Players Edit

In LpW-Fourio today Edit

NiCo Edit

Juraj Filip Bozko
Gender Male
Birthday 24.01.2002 (Template:Wp)
Hometown Unknown
Region South Slovakia
LP's Completed None

Joined LpW-Fourio in 2009. He is creator on LpW-Fourio.

Most Common Username: NicoFilippo

Minecraft Username: NicoFouris /Cracked/

Symbol: Pure Blue Diamond

Color: Sky Blue

Minecraft Ore: Diamond



Mascow Edit

Branislav Novák
Gender Male
Birthday September 2002 (Template:Wp)
Hometown Unknown
Region South Slovakia
LP's Completed None

Joined LpW-Fourio in 2009.

Most Common Username: Mascow

Minecraft Username: MascowFou /Cracked/

Symbol: Golden Nugget from Minecraft

Color: Orange

Minecraft Ore: Gold



Larissa Edit

Joined LpW-Fourio in 2011.

Laura Bozko/vá
Gender Female
Birthday May (Template:Wp)
Hometown Unknown
Region North Slovakia
LP's Completed None

Most Common Username: LarissaLil

Minecraft Username: LariLilyFourio /Cracked/

Symbol: Minecraft Poppy with Pink Golden Nugget

Color: Hot Pink

Minecraft Ore: Iron





Tuki Edit

Bruno Górka
Gender Male
Birthday 4.12 (Template:Wp)
Hometown Unknown
Region South Slovakia
LP's Completed None

Joined LpW-Fourio in 2014.

Most Common Username: TukiR

Minecraft Username: TukiFouris /Cracked/

Symbol: Singature of Green Lantern with Emerald in Middle

Color: Green

Minecraft Ore: Emerald /formely: Redstone/

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