Lego City Time To Build! Episode 1!04:24

Lego City Time To Build! Episode 1!


Legocyd1999 is a small LPer who has fun, yet informative commentary style.  He is focused on Let's Playing Nintendo Games, with a particular focus on platformers and RPGs, as well as lesser known games from around the internet.  He is also a Twitch Streamer, who tends to stream Minecraft and more recently Starbound to his channel. His streams tend to be uploaded to his channel the day after they occur.

List of Let's PlaysEdit

-LP #1: Star Wars Republic Ace (PC)

-LP #2: Paper Mario (N64/Wii/Wii U) (Still in progress, 2011-2016)

List of Let's StreamsEdit

-LS #1/LP #3: Mega Man X(SNES/PS2/GCN/Wii/WiiU)

List of Side Let's PlaysEdit

-Minecraft Flatland Survival HARDCORE (PC) (Completed)

-Lego City: TIme To Build (PC) (Completed)

-Minecraft Hypixel Paintball: The Quest for the Speed Hat (PC) (Completed)

-Pokemon Showdown Season 1 (Completed)

Cancelled/On Hold Projects Edit

-Let's Play Pokemon Emerald (Cancelled)

-Let's Play Minecraft 1.0 (Cancelled)

Other Projects on Other ChannelsEdit

-DrPickleful's Minecraft Creative Adventures featuring LPers DrPickleful, MrHarrHarr, LOLNinja4, and AwesomeSauce2424:

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