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Hello, this is HCBailly!Edit

HCBailly is a fairly well known Let's Player on Youtube, who has done almost nothing but JRPG games. His real name is Henri (Yes, an I, not a y) and he grew up in Chicago, IL, but currently lives in OK. He has a brother, who goes by the name JB, who he has done a few co-op LPs with, with JB controlling a second character (like Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu III). Mainly known for his quirky lovable style, numerous catch-phrases, and methodical gameplay. He publishes content daily, for a "main LP". and every other day for a "side" LP, with average video length being around 10-30 minutes, depending on the overall length of the game.

His current Let's Plays are Paper Mario and Gungnir.

Let's PlaysEdit

Title System YT Playlist Link Date
Actraiser SNES Playthrough 2013-11-10
Arcana SNES Playthrough 2011-10-23
Breath of Fire SNES Playthrough 2013-07-20
Chrono Cross PS1 Part 1
Part 2g
Part 2n
Part 3
Chrono Trigger SNES Playthrough
Chrono Trigger DS Playthrough 2013-08-26
Crystalis NES Playthrough 2011-09-22
Crystal Warriors Game Gear Playthrough 2013-10-09
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness PSP Playthrough 2013-05-16
Dragon Warrior NES Playthrough 2010-05-22
Dragon Warrior II NES Playthrough 2010-08-04
Dragon Warrior III NES Playthrough 2011-02-03
Dragon Quest IV DS Playthrough 2012-04-21
Dragon Quest V DS Playthrough 2012-12-19
Faxanadu NES Playthrough 2014-11-04
Final Fantasy NES Playthrough 2008-01-22
Final Fantasy II NES Playthrough 2008-05-13
Final Fantasy III NES Playthrough 2008-06-26
Final Fantasy IV (10th Anniversary Edition) SNES Playthrough 2008-03-08
Final Fantasy IV PC Playthrough 2015-03-22
Final Fantasy IV (Complete Collection edition) PSP Playthrough 2012-01-28
Final Fantasy IV: The Interlude PSP Playthrough 2012-04-22
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years PSP Playthrough 2012-05-05
Final Fantasy V SNES Playthrough 2009-04-02
Final Fantasy VI SNES Playthrough 2009-05-31
Final Fantasy VII PS1 Playthrough
Final Fantasy VIII PS1 Playthrough 2010-05-13
Final Fantasy IX PS1 Playthrough 2010-08-03
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster PS3 Playthrough 2014-03-18
Final Fantasy XII PS2 Playthrough 2012-06-17
Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Playthrough 2011-02-04
Final Fantasy Adventure Game Boy Playthrough 2008-06-29
Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy Playthrough 2009-03-08
Final Fantasy Legend II Game Boy Playthrough 2009-06-28
Final Fantasy Legend III Game Boy Playthrough 2009-11-22
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES Playthrough 2011-04-11
Final Fantasy Tactics PS1 Playthrough 2011-08-11
Gungnir PSP Playthrough 2016-03-02
Hexyz Force (Cecilia's Path) PSP Playthrough 2013-10-30
Hexyz Force (Levant's Path) PSP Playthrough 2014-02-25
Illusion of Gaia SNES Playthrough 2009-09-04
Knytt Stories PC Playthrough 2008-02-01
The Legend of Zelda NES Playthrough 2013-04-28
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link NES Playthrough 2013-06-17
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past SNES Playthrough 2011-12-05
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Game Boy Color Playthrough 2010-06-14
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Game Boy Color Playthrough 2010-09-16
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Game Boy Color Playthrough 2010-12-02
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom SNES Playthrough 2010-12-11
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals SNES Playthrough 2011-05-27
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete PS1 Playthrough 2013-03-07
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete PS1 Playthrough 2015-11-28
Paper Mario N64 Playthrough 2016-03-10
Parasite Eve PS1 Playthrough 2014-12-23
Phantasy Star SMS Playthrough 2016-01-26
Radiant Historia DS Playthrough 2011-11-02
Royal Stone Game Gear Playthrough 2015-12-11
Secret of Evermore SNES Playthrough 2016-02-05
Secret of Mana SNES Playthrough 2008-08-31
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Kevin's Path) SNES Playthrough 2011-05-20
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Lise's Path) SNES Playthrough 2012-01-07
Soul Blazer SNES Playthrough 2009-04-18
StarTropics NES Playthrough 2012-04-03
Super Mario RPG SNES Playthrough 2014-10-28
Terranigma SNES Playthrough 2010-06-26

Miscellaneous Videos Edit

He has a collection of various ancillary videos (video blogs, announcements, etc.) that can be found here: Miscellaneous Let's Play Videos


  • Secret...
  • This is HCBailly signing off. Have a good day.
  • A piece of powa!- originating from the "piece of power" in Link's Awakening
  • If only there were...
  • How's it goin'?
  • He will kill you!
  • Better than a sharp stick in the eye.
  • Treasure!
  • Remember that for later.
  • Sounds like a plan.
  • For boss time!
  • Ha ha! (in the style of Nelson from The Simpsons)
  • And they died.
  • Nothing!
  • Ha-haaaaa!
  • Hey-hey! All right.
  • Whoa!
  • Over here...
  • Ok. We're back.
  • Stay away from me man
  • Better than a guardian acorn (refering to the annoying music when one is acquired in LA)
  • Hooray!
  • Does this mean...? It does!
  • No, that's another game
  • greatest enemy.
  • 1...2...3...just like a Tootsie Pop- refering to the classic commercial
  • Nuts.
  • Damn it! - every time he gets a single coin for completing a task for Koopa Koot in Paper Mario

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