Persona of Gawayno.

GawaynoPlays, or simply Gawayno (Pronouced Gway-no) is a Let's Player. An avid fan of video games like many other Let's players, he also have the likings of animes and manga. Which expressed his love for japanese games like Touhou. He is a Chicagoan who started making Let's Plays since December 12th, 2012. Rather than calling them "Let's Play", he calls them "Gawayno Plays", since he prefers using third person on his titles.


Gawayno got into youtube in 2006 to watch random episodes of Galaxy Angel before they got taken down. Of course, he watched the occasional videos like The Boondocks, Halo Machinimas, World of Warcraft, and other random videos back then. Before he chose the name Gawayno as his main alias, he went by random names until his sister convinced him to use the name when he joined the server she was in in World of Warcraft. He finally made his account gawayno in November 17th 2007. His very first video was DJ Soundwave and Dancing Seekers was uploaded in July 18th, 2008. That was in very poor quality due to the sims 2 own recorder being set to the poorest quality. The next year, he picked up Fraps and began making his gameplay video. His video with the most view is The House of the Dead 2 - Despair and Dawn. possibly because it included the Magician in the part. One of the popular bosses in the series. He has been making Gameplay videos (Though random videos like a birthday drawing with a former friend, an album of Touhou Remixes by Yellow zebra, gameplay videos that weren't good enough for him, and a Trickster Online 2nd job slideshow that had the original portraits for the game were removed.) Since then, until he kept getting dislikes on his videos by people, mostly new videos he uploaded, which left him no choice but to remove the new ones. Since March 2012, he's been dying to make playthroughs of video games, but due to school, that was holding him back. So now, he's making let's plays and enjoying making them.

List of Let's PlaysEdit

He doesn't do let's plays anymore, so don't bother.


GawaynoPlays The channel itself

gawayno Old account, still somewhat active.

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