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Gatorbox is the name of a group of Twitch streamers and the show they produce. Gatorbox is live Friday nights at 9PM (CST) on Twitch and recaps of their streams are available on demand from their official YouTube page. The project was formed from the remains of GatorAIDS Gaming following the its cancellation in March 2013. They are most well known for their show "Your Level Sucks" which takes a look at sub-par levels in the Wii U game Super Mario Maker.

Gatorbox's first broadcast happened in July 2013 and focused on the classic PC game 3D Dinosaur Adventure. The cast followed up with impromptu streams on a monthly/bi-monthly basis until late 2014 when they adopted a weekly broadcasting schedule. Their weekly schedule is maintained to this day with occasional breaks for holidays and scheduled production hiatuses.

As of 2015, Gatorbox also acts as the megaphone of video game publisher ZOOM Platform for news and new releases. They have announced and revealed exclusive content for the PC game MegaRace Reboot where an unlockable Gatorbox car makes a cameo appearance as a secret unlockable.


Gatorbox focuses primarily on video games, however their broadcasts are commonly bookended with additional content. This usually comes in the form of "GatorUNbox" where Draco shows off a strange thrift store find or shows off a vintage toy. GatorUNbox is the station's longest running miniseries with over three dozen episodes.

Alongside their unboxing series, Gatorbox also produces:

  • That's Not Lego: A series about counterfeit Lego brands.
  • What's Yiffin'?: A sarcastic "furry news" series.
  • Gatorbox TV: A series focusing on eccentric YouTube users.
  • Gatorbox After Hours: A collection of memorable hosting segments.
  • Movie Commentaries: Downloadable MP3 files that you can play alongside specified films.

Recurring GagsEdit

Throughout the series' broadcast the cast and crew of Gatorbox have maintained several recurring jokes or references. Their more prominent ones include:

  • 3DO / "Take a drink": During a stream where Draco tried to capture footage from a 3DO console, said console abruptly stopped working. Since then, there is an ongoing drinking game for every time Draco says his 3DO stopped working.
  • "Alter the spicy": A quote from a Chinese restaurant's menu, "alter the spicy" refers to parts of a game that are too hard and require extra skill or a different approach.
  • "Check for farts": A term meaning to search for secret areas in a game. The quote is taken from a video of a fake science fair tri-fold Draco made about co-host Rocky.
  • COLA: A brand-less drink that allegedly sponsors the Gatorbox broadcast. The cast very rarely drinks anything else on camera and often draws attention to the product in distracting ways. Draco commonly slurps loudly from his can of soda which causes him to choke on the carbonation.
  • DarksydePhil: Quotes and impressions of once popular YouTuber DarksydePhil often crop up in situations where a game becomes too difficult or when female characters are placed on screen. Draco sometimes goes as far as to wear a fake goatee when quoting DSP for extended periods.
  • "International Symbol of Quality": A term used to describe a a logo or marking generally synonymous with something of poor make or quality, such as a Walmart logo or the logo of a specific game developer.
  • LOOTCRAET: A fictional parody of Lootcrate, a monthly subscription-based blind box service. Gatorbox's "LOOTCRAET" often comes with imitations of real collectibles plus unique props and goodies crafted by the show's art team. (A website,, exists for the parody product.)
  • Pooptown: The name of a griefing item Draco created in the PC game Roblox in the years before Gatorbox. The name is now used in everything from save files to character names, where "Pooptown Jones" commonly stands in for the latter.
  • Shush Or Hush: A term used to describe a "repaint" mod or edit of a movie poster where its letters are rearranged to spell something different. ("Shush Or Hush" was anagrammed from "Rush Hour".)
  • Skip's Tips: Outright incorrect (or blatantly obvious) video game "tips" discussed during streams. A reference to Skip Rogers, a gamer who produced hint tapes in the 1980's.
  • Sonichu: References to Sonichu and its creator Christian Chandler ("Chris-chan") frequently come up during broadcasts; Draco has on one occasion cosplayed as Christian and the stream chat often goads him into yelling "JULAY" when he loses or messes up. Commissioned artwork from Chris has also appeared on camera.

Extra LifeEdit

Gatorbox has participated in the annual Extra Life charity event to raise money for children's hospitals since 2013. After three marathons the station has raised over $600 for Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.

Gatorbox's Extra Life broadcasts are produced similarly to the popular "Awesome Games Done Quick" charity marathons; station host Draco spends a full 24 hours performing live speedruns and completion runs of video games. In 2013 he was able to complete 7 games, in 2014 that count was raised to 11, and in 2015 a total of 17 games were completed. Also of note is that Draco set two consecutive world record times for Super Off Road at the 2013 and 2014 Extra Life events. (He is currently no longer the record holder, however.) During Extra Life 2015 he set a new personal best in Super Off Road, though it was still two minutes off from the current world record.

For 2013 and 2014 the show was broadcast live on-location from the Rackspace Castle, the Extra Life event headquarters, however as of 2015 Extra Life is no longer hosted there requiring Gatorbox to broadcast from their normal set.

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