GamingMagma (Youtube GamingMagma) Also known as Marc and Marcy349 (Pronounced Marky), Is a 14 year old YouTube commentator, starting his channel on September 5th 2012 however not uploading a video up until November 20th 2012, after this he didn't upload another video until February 2013, due to him getting a new PC. He uploaded regularly since then and he has many multiplayer series. Irockzaudiosurf (Irockz) and Rubadubblub (Rubadubblub ) record with him as well as Buzsaw_Banshee, TheTonyTwin. As of 3rd June 2013 he joined Megusta Gaming (MegustaGaming ). He is known to do mainly Minecraft but also indie games and a popular series known as "Mystery Games Friday" wherein he plays a game unknown to the audience until he shows it.


"SkyBlock "

"Minecraft Single Player "

"Mystery Games Friday "

"Marc and Eben's Hardcore Series "

"Marc Plays... "

"Happy Wheels "

"Minecraft CTM Inferno Mines by Vechs "

"Minecraft Quest for Civilisation "

"Minecraft Mod Reviews "

"FTL - Failing to Live "

Regular Phrases

"Hello everyone Marc here from GamingMagma! And today..." Intro to his videos "Bugger." Said generally when something bad happens in his videos.

"Be right back!" Said whenever he has to go AFK or something happens in the video he has to fix.

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