GMO2 (The Godmode: On 2 Project)
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July 30, 2010


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The Godmode: On 2 Project (advertised, released, and more commonly known as GMO2) was a video game commentary show produced by Twilight Foundry and Alexcellent Films (then known as Yellowteam Films). Its unfinished and unreleased second season was co-produced by readfloatwatchtv who took the place of Alexcellent Films. The show debuted in 2010 and was weekly in release; each episode was approximately 15 to 20 minutes long.

The show's name is shorthand for its original working title The Godmode: On 2 Project; the series was preceded by a pilot called Godmode: On which did not go into production. It is a common misconception that the "O" in the show's title is a zero when it is in fact the letter "O"; the letter of course stands for "On".

Due to conflicts over ownership and distribution, GMO2 was pulled from YouTube in 2014.


Further information: List of GMO2 episodes
Season Episodes Premiere Date End Date
1 21 July 30, 2010 December 25, 2010
2 0 Canceled Canceled


Further information: Cast of GMO2
  • Dracophile: Executive producer and lead writer of the show. Series host since episode 1.
  • Shoe: Guest host from season one, became a permanent host with production credits during the second season.
  • Thomas: Series composer and featured guest host through season two.
  • Alex: Frequent guest host of the series through its first season, short stint as producer during season two.
  • Jason: Season one guest host, appeared in both season one specials.
  • Eric: Season one guest host.
  • Beth: Season one guest host.
  • Aaron: Season one guest host.

Notable CatchphrasesEdit

  • "Kiss your dong(s) goodbye." - Dracophile
  • "Whoa that's gas! That steak is not even cookin'!" - A quote from the game Fahrenheit (episode 9).


  • GMO2's two themes from its first season are "Crying Johnny" (opening) and "Big World" (credits) performed by Radio X. Both songs appear on their 1986 EP What Are We Going To Call This?
  • The title track used in the show's second season is "G MO MONEY 2" by Rockyowitz.
  • "The Curse of Paul Blart" (episode 2) is actually the first episode ever taped of the show. Dracophile closes the episode stating the show does not yet have a title, though in "The Greatest FPS Ever" the series is verbally referred to as "The Godmode: On 2 Project".
  • To date, two episodes of the show have been dedicated to deceased people. They are Marvin Heeymeyer ("Killdozer Rides Again", episode 7) and Kenneth Pinyan ("The Parable of the Pumping Stallion", unreleased from season one).
  • Twilight Foundry derives their name from a level in the Nintendo 64 game Blast Corps; in the 7th episode of the show this game is played and the Twilight Foundry reference is demonstrated.


  • In "Glacier1 Doesn't Exist" Dracophile mentions that there was no prequel to the Wii game Glacier2 when there was actually a Glacier, it was a PC game.
  • In early promotional media the series was advertised as "GMO II". It was later renamed "GMO2" for branding purposes, however the subtext under the show's logo mistakenly remained "The Godmode: On II Project". This was fixed from the second season onward.

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