"Roll title!" - Often before title sequence.

FiringGamingUK Logo

FiringGamingUK Channel Logo

FiringGamingUK is the collaborative channel between Dan (BlazingPhoenix), CJ and Alex (PoopyScoops). The channel was launched Jan 26, 2016 and is currently active on YouTube.

Members Edit

Currently, there are 3 active members on FiringGamingUK, and those are BlazingPhoenix, CJ and PoopyScoops.

Dan (BlazingPhoenix) Edit

Dan FGUK Head

Dan's Avatar

Being the founder of the channel, Dan has access to Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and the channel itself. He is the editor of the channel's videos as well as the main YouTube and Twitter admin. A serious but outgoing individual, he could make CJ laugh at even the worst times during videos, and is often surprised by CJ's serious amount of humour and

CJ Edit


CJ's Avatar

CJ is the second member of the channel and often comically slaps, punches and karate-chops Dan when he screams, shouts, claps or even if a game scares him (shown in Five Nights at Freddy's 4).

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