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Coolmikeol's Logo

Basic Piano Melody Sword Art Online - Crossing Field01:52

Basic Piano Melody Sword Art Online - Crossing Field

Coolmikeol's Tutorial on Sword Art Online

Let's Play Anniversary - A Year's Worth of "LP"ing13:39

Let's Play Anniversary - A Year's Worth of "LP"ing

Highlights from my first year of doing "Let's Plays". From 2011 to 2012.

Coolmikeol's 2013 Let's Play Compilation21:15

Coolmikeol's 2013 Let's Play Compilation

A compilation of highlights from Let's Plays we've done in 2013. Making this video helps to put into perspective how much we do to make these videos.

"Let's Play 2014" - Highlights from my Third Year of LPs20:43

"Let's Play 2014" - Highlights from my Third Year of LPs

Highlights from my various "Let's Play" videos from 2014. This also marks my third year anniversary of doing LPs. I will continue to work on LPs and hopefully move them forward to be better than they have been.

Coolmikeol also referred to as Michael, is a Let's Player since 2011 and has three amazing friends whom he does Let's Plays with. Coolmikeol also works on a YouTube video series called "Basic Piano Melodies", which are basic piano videos of music that originate from animes and games.




Amazing FriendsEdit

The three amazing friends consist of Cursed_Pineapple (Kevin), Apple Muffin (Willard) and TheOtherAlex (Alex).

The four of them are constantly doing LPs with each other.

Main "Let's Play" SeriesEdit

Coolmikeol's LPs range from Console to PC games.

Co-Op - Shovel Knight series (Finished)

Co-Op - Dokapon Kingdom (Finished)

Co-Op - Affordable Space Adventures (Finished)

Co-Op - Dead Space: Extraction (Finished)

Solo - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Finished)

Co-Op - Wii Party + Wii Party U (Finished)

Co-Op - Mario Kart 8 (On hiatus)

Co-Op - Trine 3 (Finished)

Solo - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Finished)

Solo - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Finished)

Co-Op - Orcs Must Die! 2 (Finished)

Co-Op - Super Mario 3D World (Finished)

Co-Op - Rayman Legends (Finished)

Co-Op - Mario Party 2 (Finished)

Co-Op - Left 4 Dead 2 (On hiatus)

Solo/Co-Op - Nintendo Land (Finished)

Solo - Asteroids' on Playstation 1 (Finished)

Co-Op - New Super Mario Bros. U (Finished)

Co-Op - New Super Luigi U (Finished)

Co-Op - Rayman Origins (Finished)

Co-Op - Trine 2 (Finished)

Solo - Muramasa: The Demon Blade (To Be Continued?)

Co-Op - Kirby Return to Dreamland (Finished)

"Best of 2015!" - Celebrating Four Years of Doing Let's Plays17:22

"Best of 2015!" - Celebrating Four Years of Doing Let's Plays

Highlights from my various "Let's Play" videos from this year. This also marks my fourth year anniversary of doing LPs.

Other Games Played Edit

In addition to the full LP projects, I have played and put up videos of other random games. These include:

Garry's Mod


Slenderman / Survivors (Co-Op like version of Slender)

Super Mario Maker

Monopoly (1995 PC Edition)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl / Wii U

Game and Wario

Cry of Fear

Guild Wars 2

Lethal League

Of Guards and Thieves (OGAT)

The Jackbox Party Pack series





Move or Die

....and more!


Left 4 Dead 2 Charger's love Coolmikeol!

Some people have confused the logo for a Space Invader, a Rupee and a face.

Coolmikeol's grandma makes the best cookies in SF.

His once beloved cousin who now dwells in their grandmother's basement, has plans to become a Brain Surgeon and hopefully find a cure for Cancer. The only problem is that she's shackled to this abandon place. Coolmikeol (who shall now forever be know as The Fonz) had arranage a plan to allow his cousin escape her living situtation and fullfill her life long dream of fighting cancer and stiching up brains, but of course there is a upside for The Fonz. The abandon place will become his new Let's Play Lair. Where his three amazing friends particularly Alex and himself will have endless duels agaisnt dragons and monsters, all for your entertainment! *Everything up to this point has been documented as fact and most definitely hasn't been a dream from this so called TheOtherAlex. (This last fictional paragraph is purely for entertainment and was written by TheOtherAlex. - Coolmikeol)

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