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"Hey everybody! It's Chuggaaconroy!" thumb|link=File:Chuggaaconroyface.jpg

Chuggaaconroy (Emiliano (Emile) Roldolfo Rosales-Birou) is an LPer. He was born on April 8th, 1990. His current account, chuggaaconroy, was created on July 26th, 2006, although he did not begin his first LP (Let's Play) until March 26th, 2008, when he began EarthBound, and he has currently completed 30 LPs.

He is also one of the three core members of the collaborative channel, The Runaway Guys along with ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun.

He has an extensive wiki which can be found here.

Fun Facts Edit

  • His favorite video game series is Pokemon because it got him into RPGs
  • His least favorite Zelda game is A Link To The Past (excluding CDI)
  • His favorite drink is Dr.Pepper
  • His cats are named after video game characters (Kirby from Kirby and Teddy from Mother 1)
  • Once discovered a colony of ants living inside his Xbox 360
  • Once had a cat named Jak after the character from Jak and Daxter
  • States that he does not pirate video games
  • Likes brawl better than Melee
  • Has over 4600 Pokemon cards from when he used to collect them
  • Dislikes the PS3
  • Owns 4 Nintendo DSes
  • His father says that video games are evil but drugs are not bad for you
  • He likes the original Kingdom Hearts but dislikes II
  • Believes that he is over rated on You Tube
  • Least favorite Mario game is Super Mario Bros. 3
  • First job was at regal cinemas
  • Can turn his head 180 degrees
  • His user name was originally Chugga A. Conroy (as a randomly generated name) but some websites don't allow spaces or punctuation it became all one word.
  • Favorite Pokemon is a tie between Blastoise and Lucario
  • Boycotted McDonalds
  • His favorite number is 64

Let's Play'sEdit


  1. 29 Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003) June 15, 2015 - August 21, 2015 (41 Episodes)

In ProgressEdit



  • You jerk! - Whenever an opponent heals during a battle.

Super Paper MarioEdit

  • Bowser's arms! - Referencing Bowser's arm animation whenever swimming, excited, or scared. The arms seem to "spin" wildly.

Pikmin 2Edit

  • Early in the LP he names the red Pikmin "Steve" and says he won't care about him. Much later, he notices on the map that a Pikmin is lagging behind in order to carry a large object back to the onion and calls that pikmin a trooper. When he discovers that this Pikmin happens to be Steve, he freaks out and yells "Steve?! Steve's the trooper?!". This moment has become a meme amongst fans.

Xenoblade ChroniclesEdit

  • It's Reyn Time

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