Info Edit

AngelArts is an LPer best known for his voice acted LP of EarthBound, in which he and several of his friends provide voice acting for the in-game dialogue along with various side banter.

Currently has 9,000+ subscribers on YouTube and 3,200 videos that make a total of 3,684,640 views

He also specializes in:

  • What he calls Gay Let's Plays, where he most often plays a gay male protagonist in addition to a few bisexual male protagonists.
  • Organizing Tabletop RPG Campaigns for his viewers to join and enjoy that all connect together to create an expanded universe.
  • Analyzing games in a very thought-provoking way. Let's Talks and Let's Hangs are popular forums where he discusses video games at great lengths with other viewers.
  • Occasionally playing Dating Sims such as Seduce Me and Dream Daddy

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